Cannes Lions

9 playlists of likely winners at #CannesLions 2015

The Cannes Lions seasons is upon us and there are blogs posts, tweets and Facebook updates galore on winning work, agency predictions and so on. I am not a keen follower of the various ‘categories’ and which work is shortlisted where. But herewith some interesting work likely to win – these have been compiled from various sources including Leo Burnett, Adweek and others.

Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V: when CG meets idea

‘Great execution, no idea’ is an accusation levelled at many ads with dazzling, jaw-dropping computer graphics. At least, I have heard that a lot in my ad agency days. Two new spots for Honda’s new HRV Crossover prove (if proof was ever needed) that sometimes execution can go hand-in-hand with an idea.

Maggi madhuri

Of celebrity endorsements and accountability

In the case of Maggi, the agency’s job was to best convey the brand proposition – ‘health bhi, taste bhi’ or whatever is the communication objective. The use of brand ambassador was just a part of the strategy to meet the objective. It is unlikely that the agency or the brand ambassador would have been aware of the ingredients and their permissible levels. As rightly pointed out here, the brand ambassadors should be left alone.