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Long format brand films and ad agency role

Of late there’s been some debate about long format ad films made primarily for digital media. It’s not a new phenomenon – while ad films meant for TV are routinely :30 or :45, it’s common to see 3-4 minute ads on YouTube. Some brands have taken to long format ads on traditional media too.

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Of wordsmiths, script writers and coders: tech in advertising

A recent advert for Honda, ‘The other side’ caught the creative industry’s fancy for its clever use of technology in telling a brand story. The effort was commendable primarily because the ’tech’ was central to the strategy and creative. The strategy was to showcase Civic Type R, the ‘wild child alter-ego of the Civic hatchback’ (a decidedly staid car in comparison). There have been many brand campaigns using some sort of tech inputs or gadgets in the recent past. But merely using technology (and we are not talking high end computers or robots here, just some inventive coding & gadgetry) does not make a memorable or effective campaign. The tech must be seamlessly integrated with strategy and the creative idea. The same has been true of any creative element since the beginning of advertising.

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Moto 360 mocks luxury advertising #forourtimes

Many luxury brands – be it in jewellery or fashion & fashion accessories segments follow a template in static advertising – they all have models posing and staring into the camera. What sets apart such campaigns is the styling and execution. The props, celebrity models, quality of photography and even a quirky, memorable element helps in breaking clutter. In audio-visual advertising, luxury brands may not have a template but have a signature style – superb production values, luxe settings, an element of mystique are common. A new campaign for Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch lampoons luxury advertising for watches.

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Harvey Nichols nails it again with #CouldIBeAnyClearer

How does adam&eveDDB do it? They seem to churn out absolutely wonderful ads for both John Lewis and Harvey Nichols every year for Christmas. With Harvey Nichols it is more than just a wonderful piece of creative – it is great out of the box thinking from a business perspective too. Last year they had the path breaking ‘Spent it on myself‘ ads which were based on real human behaviour. And they did not limit the idea into only an ad but had actual products created to complete the loop, as it were.

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