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Hard Rock Casino: art direction with an idea

In advertising, is not uncommon to perceive art direction as beautification of an ad. The copy-art team sometimes think independently and one adapts to the others’ idea. But when an idea drives the campaign embellished with great art & copy, magic happens. A new campaign for Hard Rock Casino from Canada seems to be that kind – driven by an idea and made better through craft.

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Land Rover Valentine’s Day gift: how brand love is earned

Iconic status, brand loyalty based on true love for the brand is a rare in the world of brands. We have a transactional equation with most brands we deal with and aren’t really emotionally attached to them. Except a handful, perhaps. Land Rover is one such brand which has a huge fan following, loyalty and ‘likeability’. But how do these brands strengthen such equations? Of course it starts with a great product and then goes beyond to include great customer experience. Of late, such experiences of the brand arise out of what the brand does and not just what it says in advertising. Take a look at what Land Rover did in New Zealand to strengthen the brand love.

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