‘Adventure awaits’ for @Lurpak: another brilliant advert from W+K


Another riveting piece of work from Wieden+Kennedy, London for Lurpak. ‘To new frontiers, adventurous cooks’, is the rallying call and it is a fine journey the brand has embarked on. To me, the series of spots created for Lurpak epitomise the role advertising plays in creating brand preference. Imagine this: the consumer sees parity between […]

‘Apple is doomed’ narrative and the Apple-ad agency emails


It is a bit hard on TBWA. Imagine a series of emails, which you once thought were confidential, are out in the public domain. What’s more, they are being dissected threadbare and judgements being passed on. I am of course referring to the email exchanges between long-time ad agency of Apple, TBWA/MediaArtsLab and Phi Schiller, […]

Nike: #MakeEveryYardCount – crowdsourcing done right


Brands have dabbled in crowdsourcing in the past. Typically, the campaigns have been about inviting consumers to be creative folk asking them to render logos, write baselines and even write entire campaigns. The work for Doritos, especially during Super Bowl is hailed as proof of success of crowdsourcing as a concept. I have always had […]