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  1. Hi Sir,

    I used to subscribe to your previous blog through feedburner email feeds. But unable to find the same here on this site (I do not know how to integrate RSS feeds on email).

    Dont want to lose you !!


  2. Hi,

    Your insight on TOI-Hindu Ad. is superb, I enjoy reading your blog. Adding to your lines, i would like to say it is for sure this TOI-Hindu Ad. wont add readers on Hindu's kitty now but it would definitely strengthen the image of Hindu as a serious Newspaper. It would be more recommended newspaper in near future. This campaign could be more suited for those who has to decide what newspaper to buy, what kind of habit they want to make. If Hindu keeps communicating they are ahead of time it could benefit it in longer run in terms of readership. I second your point its double edge sword where Hindu is standing, if they change their content or product what is more salable they would dilute their brand. Its good they working on their communication than their product. Wish Hindu all the best for its all future endeavor.

  3. Hello Mr. Bhat,

    Just stumbled onto your site while running a google search for the Hindu v TOI campaigns. Really insightful content. Keep up the great work!

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