1. john says

    ive spent some time with advertising now, ive seen my share of CD’s, ive had great ones and ive have had really bad ones…and they are bad ones for a simple reason that they never told me why the idea or the creative never worked for them…its so true…you work hard…come up with something that you may think is a killer….but all you’d here is “it doesnt work for me”…”not edgy enough”…”Dhum nahi hein”…sad.
    i hope some of them do see this post by you!

  2. george says

    an eye opener for every aspiring CD! And a ready reckoner for every CD! To be honest the best CD I have ever worked under had about 8 of the 11 u’ve mentioned…most don’t cross 5!

  3. Amrita says

    One more aspect could be..Being approachable and someone who is open to ideas from anyone in the agency.

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