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BMW Road to Twickenham: great sound design in advertising

BMW is the Official Vehicle of England Rugby. A new ad, Road to Twickenham (the ‘Home of England Rugby’) showcases a drive from a driver’s point of view. Aside from the mesmerising visuals, you cannot but appreciate the awesome sound design. What seems like the sounds made by a vehicle neatly merge into the song Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – England rugby team’s anthem – and then gives way to the crowd roaring we often hear in a stadium in England.

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Android ‘Friends Furever': strategy builds affinity, creates dissonance

The ‘Be Together. Not the Same’ addresses a critical need for an identity among all of us. We all want to showcase, express who we are and the most personal device we carry with us – the smart phone does just that. Such a proposition appeals to both current users (reinforcing their choice) and potential users – creating doubts about them being unable to ‘stand out’.

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9 #SuperBowl ads which go beyond talking babies, animals and the bizarre

Over the years, there’s been a pattern to the Super Bowl ads – bizarre plot lines, big production values, jaw-dropping computer graphics, humour (slapstick or intelligent), elements designed to be cute and so on. Rik Haslam, Executive Creative Director at RAPP categorises them as Super Satire, Super Serious and Super Silly stories. There is likely to be a pressure to do whatever everyone else is doing – ‘most of the spots look like what we think a Super Bowl spot is supposed to look like’, as this article says. This year too, there have been the regulars – big-scale production values, tear jerkers featuring puppies and so on.

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Mophie #StayPowerful: jaw-droppingly big scale #SuperBowl ad

Super Bowl ads are known to take ‘big scale, big production values’ route. They are designed to evoke that jaw dropping reaction and hence have repeat value and memorability. It’s not a new phenomenon – I guess Apple’s 1984 was designed to be that way. In this context, the new ad for Mophie phone chargers resort to the ‘go big or go home’ strategy.

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