#CannesLions winners: ‘Guilt Trips’ is wickedly creative and effective


V/Line is a public transport provider in Victoria, Australia. Their business challenge: how to motivate young people away from their busy metro lives and to take a train-trip to see their parents who usually live miles away in rural areas of Australia. The creative strategy used was plain, simple manipulation of emotions. We’ve all witnessed […]

Apple and its advertising: thoughts on recent developments: Part 2

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There’s been much brouhaha over Apple’s move to create an in-house agency. Ad industry trade portals and tech blogs have written truck loads about it. The common streak of the opinion pieces: Apple has lost its mojo and the ad agency is paying a price. Read Part 1 of my thoughts on this and related […]

Interactive website from @canalplus and @BETCParis makes you a film director


Canal+ has a fantastic track record for great, entertaining TV commercials. Most of them have gone wildly viral. Remember the ‘Never underestimate the power of a great story‘ ad? And the ‘bear’ ad with the proposition, ‘The more you watch Canal+, the more you love cinema‘? Now Canal+ and BETC Paris have created an interactive […]

Using digital for fundraising: @LatinWorker delivers for Cine Las Americas

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Years ago, when working on Direct Response ads for clients, coupons in print ads and response cards in direct mailers were the order of the day. The success of the campaign depended on the response rate and whenever donations were involved – on the amount collected. I remember being told that response rates for ads […]

PETA: changing behaviour through shock value


Advertising can not just change perceptions but can change behaviour too. One of the best examples I can think of is the effort behind preventing road accidents in Melbourne, Australia for TAC by Grey Worldwide. The TAC’s campaign is reported to have contributed to saving over 10,000 lives and 100,000 serious injuries; the financial savings […]

‘Sweetie’ for Terre des Hommes: advertising as a force of good


At one level, advertising is creativity with commerce. The creative ideas developed by ad agencies help businesses drive awareness, sales and build brands. We are all familiar with ads peddling toothpaste, soaps and mundane everyday things. In doing so, advertising comes under the microscope for having to promote controversial categories like fairness creams. Advertising also […]

Seen and noted: beautiful ads for @bookculture from @YRNY


Some ads set you thinking long after you have glanced and digested the message. A new for campaign for a New York book shop, Book Culture is doing the rounds of ad blogs. The ad gets your attention with intriguing visuals alright but what holds your attention and sets you thinking is the central idea: […]