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Aamir Khan urges you to think before you vote

A three-ad series created by Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra, starring Aamir Khan urges consumers to think before they vote. But instead of remaining at that broad, open ended level two ads draw analogies on how careful we are before we choose vegetables or a suitable matrimonial match for the daughter. The third one asks us to be avoid those who attempt to buy us.

The campaign also asks you to text a number or make a toll-free call to find out more about the candidates. I promptly sent an SMS and got this response: Bangalore South, Ananth Kumar BJP, Unlawful Assembly, Rioting with deadly weapon, causing hurt, grievous hurt to extort, hurting public servant etc. Phew! Frankly, that wasn’t my perception of Ananth Kumar – I have read about him and equate him with just any other politician. What was missing was information on other candidates like Capt. Gopinath (Independent) and Byre Gowda. Interesting what an SMS and open information can do. I doubt if people would cast their votes or form perceptions based on such SMS – they would seek additional information from mass media, go by the party’s image etc. Nevertheless, a powerful tool.

The choice of Aamir Khan makes sense, since he comes across as a thinking actor who shows genuine concern for social causes, helped by the success of Taare Zameen Par and the public persona he has created. Would you use the SMS service to find out more about your candidates?

Not going to Goafest

I was all set to join the Goafest (it would have been my first!) but had to cancel the trip for personal reasons. I guess the loss is entirely mine. Last year, I was told it was a giant, non-stop party – didn’t enthuse me much. This year, there are some good speakers including Sir John Hegarty, Jean-Marie Dru. And now that the media buzz has started about the event, I am all set to sit in Bangalore and mope.


In true ET style, they broke the news of the winners yesterday – can’t blame them. Wonder who leaked the information to them? Check out Anant’s scathing response here. Some clients are speculating on the likely winners – who would your votes go for?

SKY Italia ad for Formula 1: it’s a fight

Sports event marketing by television channels using the print medium has a standard look and feel in India. Highlight the title of the event, show sporting cues and wrap it all with a headline. Here’s something different – an ad promoting the Formula 1 coverage on Sky Italia.

sky_f1_monsters Agency: 1861 United. Via I believe in Advertising.

Thums Up bike offer: license to thrill

I am sure you feel the same way about the new Thums Up bike promo ad as I do: it works. Apart from the prize being a perfect fit for the macho image of Thumps Up, the intrighe is nicely built into the phrase ‘license hai?’. Which is also a tangential reference to the ‘big boy’ status of the drink, nicely repositioning competition.

The casting is top notch too – I quite liked the expression of the guy who introduces the offer (in the Telugu version it is Mahesh Babu, the actor). A promo ad with huge repeat value.

Samsung’s viral marketing effort for LED:wah wah black sheep

Another proof – if we ever need one – that creating a buzz for new products is a whole new ball game and calls for a different mindset than the one’s soaked in 30-second TV spots. The Viral Factory in London made a promo video for Samsung’s new LED TV, enlisting a group of herders called Baa-Studs. Now that sounds so bland but the video is far from bland. Check out the promo, if you haven’t seen it already.

The video had 3.9 million views on last count and it’s mighty riveting. For the common viewer it’s great entertainment. For those in the advertising & marketing business, makes you wonder what next when it comes to Viral Marketing? Hats off to the creative minds who see a connection between sheep in Wales and and an LED TV. Technology and art comes together to create sheep-art: Mona Lisa, the video game Pong and even a firework display! The last thing you can say about this effort is meh. Awesome.
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