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The popularity of common type products & Internet Explorer

The conversation in an ad for Bajaj XCD and a tweet triggered this post. In the Bajaj ad, a regular bloke is shown not only preferring ‘common type’ solutions for his ‘ordinary’ life but rejecting outright what is seen as …

Post Shredded Wheat: worthy of a sitcom

Turning one’s perceived weakness into a strength is a route adopted by several brands, in their advertising. Heritage brands which run the risk of being seen as ‘fuddy duddy’ could turn their experience and trust into an advantage. Post Shredded

Do ad agencies practice what they preach?

There was a great article on AdAge yesterday – Learning Twitter? Don’t Take Your Cues From These Agencies. The crux of the article was about how ad agencies are still testing the waters or plain clueless about using Twitter. …

The making of Philips Carousel – the Cannes 2009 Grand Prix winner

When some of my colleagues happened to see the Philips Carousel ad they wondered what the big deal was. Some of them thought that this wasn’t Grand Prix stuff. I guess they did not know the background or the environment …

Andy Murray loses semis, lets down Robinsons

You think we are the only ones to suffer an ad portraying an Indian cricketer as a superstar, immediately after his dismal performance or after the team gets a drubbing? There’s hope. Robinsons Drinks, associated with  Wimbledon for long, …

Page 233 of 377

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