Adblockers: sinful or not?

I think its unfair to blame users for resorting to adblockers. As a blogger who has placed Adwords on my site (no, I don’t earn much from it) I can see why publishers feel deprived of their earning through adblockers. But summarily blaming those who use such Adblockers as immoral is not right. Why should they put up annoyances when they have an option not to. The onus is also on the publishers to not be greedy and cram every available space with ads, often intrusive and annoying. We all know how irritating it is when sports telecasts (especially cricket in India) are interrupted to accommodate an ad. If viewers had an option they would block it. Advertisers and creative agencies too need to work a bit harder in earning the online viewer’s attention.

Thoughts and observations on #ZeeMelt15

At the #Zeemelt15, there were a lot of sessions and workshops which I wished I could attend. It was a case of being spoilt for choice as many interesting sessions clashed in terms of timing. Of course the event had its share of presenters who drone on and on or do a sell job of their company. Nevertheless, I hope Melt becomes a permanent fixture in the advertising world and travels to other cities too. More importantly, I hope the entire advertising industry supports the event through active participation across levels.

13 classic product demo ads: creative show and tell

We often see ads were the role of the product is minimal. The trouble with this approach is that memorability and effectiveness depends a lot on execution and media spends. I love product-centric ads and among such, creative product demonstrations are a favourite. Herewith a few classic product demos over the years.

Of celebrities and official handles on Twitter

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules about how exactly should one approach Twitter updates – especially when it comes to celebrities. The one common trend about celebrity Twitter handles is that engagement or conversation is likely to be zero. But affinity can be built, one’s personality can shine through even if it is a one-way, ‘here’s what I did, feel’ type updates from celebrity politicians.

Snickers #hungrymistakes: idea taken to the next level

I love everything about the Snickers ‘you are not you when you are hungry’ campaign. It is based on a great insight, articulated well and the central idea is so ‘campaignable’. We’ve seen some great theme and tactical ads as part of the campaign. A new outdoor campaign takes it to the next level – actually showing people what the downside of being hungry.