Apple launch in 2014: under a larger microscope


The iPhone launch in 2007 was unprecedented in many ways. There was hype and media attention during the launch alright, but what followed was even more interesting. A six-month window of pre-launch publicity, virtually unchallenged by any competitive activity. According to Harvard Business School professor David Yoffie, Apple generated $400 million in free iPhone advertising […]

Seen and noted: French Ministry of Health Childhood Obesity Awareness

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Sometimes, you just know that you’ve spotted an absolute winner at just a glance. Here’s one such ad for the French Ministry of Health Childhood highlighting awareness on obesity. The simple message: Obesity starts from childhood. Art Director:David Lesage Copywriter:David Lesage Via. Brilliant stuff from all angles – insight, creative leap, simplicity and an idea […]

Vorwerk vacuum cleaner: visual pun at work from @kollerebbe


First rule of advertising? Noticeability. If your ad isn’t clutter breaking, making people to sit up and take notice, it is quite pointless. Second rule: convey a single relevant benefit in an interesting manner. A new campaign for Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaner does both with aplomb. The single-minded proposition: Get your sofa back. With the […]

Apple’s retail problem in India


Apple’s retail strategy has been hailed as one of the hallmarks of the brand’s success. It’s ‘self-owned and operated’ stores in the US and few other countries have played a crucial role in building the magic around the Apple brand. They are built to a certain specific layout & design and are staffed by knowledgeable, […]

Fromm Family Foods: illustrating an idea


Loved these set of ads for Fromm Family Foods- ‘a fifth generation family owned & operated company specializing in finely crafted pet food & treats’. The illustration style compliments the idea of ‘pet food created with care’. To me it conveyed a sense of care, affection and that ‘lovingly created’ feeling we have for our […]

Celebrity endorsements in ads and social media


‘Whenever Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry or any other smartphone company uses a celebrity to hawk their wares, tech bloggers immediately search for instances of that celebrity using an iPhone’ wrote BGR in an article titled, This is easily one of the most annoying things tech bloggers do. The article went on to say: Often times, the […]

Samsung, selfies, Oscars and product placement


The Twitter world was abuzz today with live updates on the Oscars and the Ellen DeGeneres selfie (which at the time of writing, has clocked 2.4mn RTs and 1.1mn favourites). Samsung was the official sponsor of the event and product placement with Ellen wielding the phone (a Note 3, I guess) was prominent. Even before […]