Snickers #hungrymistakes: idea taken to the next level

I love everything about the Snickers ‘you are not you when you are hungry’ campaign. It is based on a great insight, articulated well and the central idea is so ‘campaignable’. We’ve seen some great theme and tactical ads as part of the campaign. A new outdoor campaign takes it to the next level – actually showing people what the downside of being hungry.


Mobile: brands paying lip service

No advertising & marketing industry conference is complete without the mention of mobile being the ‘next big thing’. Everyone agrees that the platform offers great potential and speaks of the need for a ‘mobile-first’ approach. But is the potential of mobile fully exploited by brands?

Tata Sky daily dillagi

Tata Sky #DailyDillagi: idea before execution

I could only manage to get a glimpse of one or two ads of the new Tata Sky ‘Daily Dillagi’ ads on TV. I was intrigued by the ‘to be continued’ format and the penny dropped after hearing the connect with the product idea: daily re-charge. The product itself is an innovation and I liked the creative solution which is hardwired to the product idea.

Brand Name as verb

Brand name as verb: can consumers be coerced?

Consumers using brand names as verbs is not new. Google and Xerox are the oft quoted examples in such a practice. Many of such examples have happened voluntarily without any effort from the brand. I guess that happens when a brand is either the pioneer in a category or has such a monopoly that no competition appears in the mental horizon.